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Serving Las Cruces & El Paso to Nationwide!

Our turnkey moving services include:

- Full Office Relocations - Specialty Equipment Transport

- Medical Supplies & Equipment - Industrial and Fabrication

- Special Events Delivery and Setup

“Proud to be Las Cruces’s #1 Locally-Owned movers!”

Scopes of work include:

  • PACKING / PREPPING – We can pack your whole office or just common areas like kitchens, file/supply rooms or conference rooms. We can also come in before your move and prep all your items like disassemble desks, place items on dollies and cart or bin monitors or other items so the moving process goes faster and more efficiently.


  • MOVING – Our crews can move a 1 person office or a 100+ person headquarters. We offer free, no obligation estimates. We have 5 years experience in the moving industry and can handle all aspects of your commercial move.


  • UNPACKING – We can unpack the boxes we packed and place the items where directed or on desks or table tops for easier viewing and to help your staff get up and running faster.


  • DISASSEMBLY AND REASSEMBLY OF DESKS, CUBICLES –We can disassemble, move and reassemble all your office systems like desk, cubicle, conference tables etc. We can help you develop a floor plan to work with your existing fixtures and help you get back to productivity as soon as possible.


  • WE SELL AND DELIVER PACKING MATERIALS – You can purchase all of the packing materials and boxes you need directly through us. We can also arrange stackable plastic bins with dollies for rental to be delivered and picked up from your move locations.


  • LARGE ITEM MOVING LIKE SAFES, COPIERS, AND SERVER RACKS, ETC. – We have the equipment and expertise to move all your large commercial items like Safe’s, Copier’s (with your leasing company’s permission) and server racks. We can work in conjunction with your IT professional to make sure all delicate and essential items get moved to your new locations quickly and safely.


  • DUMP / RECYCLE / DONATE – We can take your dump/donate items to the location of your choice. We can do it at the end of your move or on a separate day, let us know what you need.

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